LED lighting bring a positive change in higly dynamic warehousing


Efficient warehousing is an integral component of the supply chain strategy of businesses in a globally networked world. New technologies and material handling procedures are revolutionizing the warehousing world. On the other hand lighting challenges such as high energy costs, frequent lamp maintenance, and safety concerns in dark areas, are common in warehouse facilities across the world. Facility supervisors are forced to coordinate labor, lift trucks, back ordered bulbs, and rope off production areas during inopportune times.

Lighting was long considered an area in which costs were difficult to control. The only possible solution was to call the lighting contractor every couple of years to replace old inefficient fixtures. With LED lighting technology this is about to change – you can drastically reduce your energy consumption by up to 90% and experience superior light quality with no maintenance.



LED lights can satisfy different lighting needs


Light is needed in a warehouse to help in identifying workers and goods alike, reduce the risk of accidents and help in navigating aisles. Different areas of the warehouse are used for different purposes and may have varied lighting needs. A warehouse need not be a dark, dull and depressing area. With the right lighting technology it can be a comfortable haven for workers.

When choosing the right lighting fixtures for warehouse, you should consider:
•    Frequency with which the warehouse space is used.
•    Uniformity of use. Intelligent controls will produce better results when used in areas that are not used as frequently.
•    Cost of maintenance – should include the cost of replacement, labor and equipment charges and the cost of disruption of business activities.
•    The desired temperature of the store. For cold temperature storage facility – LED lights that produce less heat are highly desirable.