Parking Lots

Car parks are challenging environment for lighting


Parking lots, garages and multi-storey car parks can represent a challenging environment for lighting solutions. Parking  lights have to economically accommodate vehicular and pedestrian traffic, must endure harsh environments and address public safety at the same time. LED lighting offers many advantages over traditional lighting in this type of applications.

High quality uniformly distributed lights used in parking lots help improve personal safety and security. The quality LED  light also eradicates any pockets of darkness caused by traditional lighting solutions and makes CCTV footage clearer.





 Quality lighting helps to prevent accidents


Furthermore proper lighting can reduce claims. Quality uniform lighting with good colour rendering is essential to seeing irregular surfaces or curb lines, slippery or wet areas, concrete wheel stops, pole bases and bollards, vehicle conflict, and feeling safety from facial recognition. A major study of claims in commercial parking facilities found slip or trip-and-fall pedestrian accidents accounted for about 75 percent of the number of total claims and slightly over 50 percent of the costs paid.