Street, Roads

Uniform lighting creates better environment


Today’s quality LED street lights are fully capable of meeting standard regulations for luminance levels and uniformity. LED solutions, unlike many other technologies, provide a sufficiently even light distribution to meet recommended street light uniformity levels. This is an important benefit that is capable of eliminating glare, hot spots and related visibility, safety and lighting pollution problems (most LED street lights are full cut off – Dark Sky Friendly).


Even and uniform light distribution improves the street lighting function, safety and creates a better environment for people. Replacing old inefficient technologies with LED street lights, enables municipalities and cities to reduce maintenance and energy costs, glare and CO2.




Low cost of maintenance

Beside illumination performance, one of the strongest arguments in favour of LED street lamps is the cost advantage of operating and maintaining the fixtures. Reducing electricity bills by 80% and increasing the time between bulb replacements from 3 to 5 years to 10 to 15 years (60.000 hours lifetime of LEDs) means less truck runs, less fuel, and less overhead for work staff.

Return on investment is getting quicker with technology advancement


Numerous successful trials across the world confirm that the LED technology is the only logical next step for street, road applications.