Supplier of selected European LED lights in Australasia

Arbis Global Group is a unique lighting supplier, specialising in carefully selected innovative European LED industrial and technical lighting products in Australasia. We offer only state of the art, tested and ultra energy efficient European LED lighting products for industrial, commercial, and public lighting applications. Our focus is on the main lighting function itself, the superior luminance performance and ultra energy efficiency.

Originating from Europe, we are familiar with best practices from the European LED market and have access to extensive knowledge from the lighting industry through our network of lighting partners in Europe. Selected products are only from credible companies approved by EU, so that we can offer a reliable supply chain to our Australian stakeholders that understand the Australasian market.

Proven innovation and lighting performance for your project

Our manufacturing partner Grah is a pioneer of utilizing LED technology in lighting and automotive signalization. The first automobile in serial production with LED lighting, Cadillac Deville, was equipped with Grah LED technology. In alliance with Grah, we were the first company that has offered ultra slim, compact LED street lights, that has revolutionized the public lighting with its lighting performance and energy efficiency.

Working hand in hand with prominent European lighting institutions, innovation driven manufacturers and lighting experts Committees (CIE, IEA), we comprehensively research, test and compare different products.We check the customer feedback on the EU market, before we offer the selected lights in our range in Australasia.

Our range of products can be purchased through a network of experienced local partners, dealers that offer professional consulting and project support. Gigavision partners will work with your company to determine and implement the optimal LED lighting solution for your project.