Sport Facilities

Effective and durable LED lighting solution ensures that the game goes on


Many communities throughout the country have recreational facilities – gymnasiums, fitness and weight training facilities, ice rinks, running tracks, soccer, tennis, and football fields, swimming pools, and more. From open air stadiums to enclosed sporting facilities and everything in between, effective and durable lighting solutions are of crucial importance to ensure that the game goes on regardless of the conditions.





Sustainable LED solution with low energy consumption is becoming the norm


Lights run in recreational facilities for long periods of time, resulting in high electricity bills. Even when users aren’t in the facility, lights may be left on. By installing energy efficient lights you can reduce energy costs and heat gain. Installing sensors controlled by occupancy and natural light levels can further reduce your costs, while indirect uplighting reflects off the ceiling and reduces glare.

For newly built facilities LED downlights and LED floodlight are becoming the norm, due to their low consumption of energy, minimum maintenance and sustainability. One of the best examples for their extended use is the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town built for the 2010 World Cup. The arena, illuminated with the latest and highest quality LEDs, using various forms of LEDs, like strips, reflectors, spotlights, panels, etc.