Our Vision

Vision – leading supplier of selected European LED lighting in Australasia

GIGAVISION LIGHTING´ vision is to become one of the leading suppliers of selected European innovative, energy efficient LED lighting products and solutions in Australasia.

Our vision is to expand a network of truly committed, passionate, open minded people and companies contributing and collaborating in synergy of mutual business goals and values we represent. We believe our products and services should constantly deliver outstanding value and inspire wider society to be an active part of a greener, more sustainable future, today.

GIGA means »giant« and represents our passion and courage to be the change we want to see in the world.

VISION. It is more than just a vision. It is our way of life. The way we think. We connect. We deliver. Always one step ahead. 

GIGAVISION»Seeing is believing.«




Our mission is to spread the awareness of energy efficient alternatives for street and commercial lighting, educate about LED technology advantages and differences between solutions available on the market. We will expand our network of accountable partners and constantly improve our innovative, energy efficient products and solutions to add the value for our customers.

By doing this in a reliable and environmentally sound manner, we will assist municipal bodies, engineers, architects, planners and all involved in replacing inefficient lighting with highly efficient LED lighting in the way that client´s objectives are met.