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Proper lighting in office plays a vital role in staff productivity


The modern office building is the frontline for much of the corporate world.  As such, proper lighting is crucial in creating an optimum environment for staff comfort, productivity and performance.


According to a survey by the market research institute Ipsos, general well-being is the decisive criterion when evaluating places of work for 80 % of all employees. It‘s here that light plays an important role because the requirements of people are always of primary importance when it comes to optimal lighting solutions.



Easily controllable LED lights reduce operating costs

Installing efficient and safe LED lights promotes feelings of well being while reducing overheads and curtailing the organisation’s carbon footprint. Other key LED advantages include the ability to control lighting zones, to dim lighting levels, to turn lights on the instant they are required, and to combine with sensors for occupancy detection. This further reduces operating and maintenance costs and improves safety, security.



New buildings implementing LED lights achieve significant savings in building materials



LED lights are suitable for every office environment, from open plan offices, closed room layouts, board and meeting rooms, halls, utilities and reception areas.

In new building projects, further cost savings are apparent when it is considered that solid state lighting, such as LED systems, require some two-thirds less headroom than conventional approaches, thereby reducing the height required between floor and ceiling. In a multi-story structure, this can amount to a significant saving in building materials.