QUADRUM OPTICS™ cutting edge light performance 

Optics in connection with the electronic driver and the LED bar is the most important part of the system, which affects appropriate illumination output of the luminaire. Our specially developed, QUADRUM optics™ consists of thin prismatic nano treated lenses made from optically optimized polymers, which contributes to incredibly low losses within the primary optical part. Light beams from primary optical parts gather again in a repulsively collective and reflective 3D grid made from highly shined silver-plated aluminium, where a unique MATRIX 3D light™ shape for optimal covering of surfaces is formed.


Full cutoff performance to prevent light pollution

QUADRUM optics™ meets the requirements for IESNA classification FULL CUTOFF performance, meaning no light or direct glare is emitted above the horizontal line of the luminaire. In comparison with semi-cutoff, cutoff and noncutoff only, FULL CUTOFF optics completely prevents light pollution and is the best solution to reduce electrical power usage. The light output is in accordance with the strictest IESNA and IDA requirements for qualiting lighting.