Thermal management

Challenging approach to efficient cooling

The proper approach to thermal management in the LED lighting system is crucial for efficient heat transfer, which influences the quality and life span of the LEDs and consequently the entire luminaire system. This is one of the most demanding technical challenges for developers of LED luminaires and many LED lighting products on the market do not have an appropriate thermal management solution. This subsequently affects overall performance, quality and life-time of the luminaire.



Setting new standards with revolutionary COOLVERT™ solution

The patented AEROLITE™ cooling system works on the natural aerodynamic principle of air convection. By accelerating the surrounding convective air flow we are improving cooling efficiency to its limits.
With the help of the most modern, state of the art, computer software for calculation and simulation of thermic transfer, we researched and analyzed the temperature change direction around a particular location of the unit.
Combining these findings, advanced materials and state of the art patented housing (with NO openings, NO cooling ribs and NO additional ventilators as most of products on the market have), we achieved one of the most optimized dimensional air and temperature flows that produces the best possible cooling effect – COOLVERT™ solution.



Extending life time and preserving light performance

With the combination of a high utilization rate, special production method and our high-performing bionic COOLVERT™ solution, we can transfer heat much more efficiently and precisely where it occurs, below the LEDs, which is our key to producing one of the best luminaires with the longest life time expectancy.