Core Values

At Gigavision Lighting we are committed to client´ satisfaction:  constantly improving the products and performance on the market. We are passionate about environment as well as creating and contributing to win-win situations for everyone involved.

Our core values that we focus on are truly important and meaningful to us:


Integrity and reliability
Our commitment to integrity, transparency, and ethical business practices is the foundation of our operations. We take responsibility for all aspects of business that we perform and build resilient supply chains which underpin long-term client relationships. We strive to build a company that stands the test of time.


Leading innovation and ultra energy efficient lighting solutions

Every product is designed to meet industry specifications, and all products are  tested and validated before delivery. We want to provide our partners and clients with the most optimal, ultra energy efficient lighting solutions with high added value for their objectives. Leading the way of energy efficiency and illumination performance with total new approach to solving the challenges of LED technology and matching with the needs of end users.

Cooperation and continuous improvement
We are friendly, respectful, open and cooperative to partners, clients as well as competitors with similar values.We feel strong commitment to explore new ways of thinking and working to constantly improve performance and create win-win situations for all involved on numerous levels of cooperation. We work closely with local stakeholders to develop infrastructure and simplify distribution.


Society well-being and environmental protection

We consider the protection of the environment in all our every day operations and develop and promote only environmentally friendly products and services.  Doing the best we can to contribute to the well-being of society in the long term and protect nature for future generations.

Positivism and passion

We are positive towards present and future while setting goals high but achievable. Doing the right thing is in our interest – working every step of the way with passion, courage, belief, consciousness, understanding and achieving higher levels of synergy in team collaboration.