AEROLITE LSL® – most aerodynamic ultra slim luminaire design
While designing housing, the goal was to create a casing which survives extreme weather conditions, while supporting important functions and protecting vital parts of the luminaire. According to the latest bionic studies, the housing shape was inspired by imitating living systems from nature and adapting observed living functions to practical purposes. Some elements of the housing design were also inspired from the aviation industry, especially from the shape of one of the most aerodynamic supersonic passenger airliners, “The Concorde”.
The result is a modern fully sealed inflow resistant AEROCOMPACT casing™, which has NO openings, NO cooling ribs and NO additional ventilators as most of our competitors´ products have. Aerolite LSL® is elegant, ultra slim, highly efficient, wind-resistant and the most aerodynamic street luminaire available on the world market.

ULTRA COATING™ – life time multi layer protection
Beside the unique innovative shape of the housing and its technical perfection we also guarantee extreme durability. The housing of our lights is made of super light aluminium alloy, treated with multilayer ULTRA COATING™ – special multi layer galvanic protection and final special colour finish from highly durable polymers. We are using the same procedure used for treating the most demanding parts of the car undercarriage in the automotive industry and therefore we have achieved “permanent appearance of new“.


Self cleaning feature conserves light performance
Aerolite LSL®, taking into consideration natural laws and the unique shape of its housing, allows for a self-cleaning feature. Its special shape allows dirt to slide off the luminaire with the help of nature (wind and rain). Additionally, water converges from the housing without retention and cleans the whole housing. With a special siphoning edge for liquids (rain drops) we also protect glass from the raindrop dirt and therefore maintain the same level of light performance


Extreme weather and mechanical impact resistant
The robust housing of Aerolite LSL® luminaire is resistant against external mechanical impacts (shock, vibration, etc., and is protected against energy at the impact of 5 Joule) according to acquired rating IK08. With high quality insulation, specially protected electronics and fully sealed housing, the luminaire ingress protection rate is IP66. This means that the luminaire is completely protected against contact and ingress of dust. In addition, powerful water jets from any direction have no harmful effects against the enclosure.